Stokesley Show 2020 – Current position 19/3/20

Mar 19, 2020 | News, Show News

To all our visitors, partners, vendors, volunteers or contractors.

Firstly, we understand your concern and worries as we all find ourselves in unprecedented and challenging times.

As a team, we at Stokesley Show are staying positive as well as taking the situation very seriously.

We are all in the grip of uncertainty and we are addressing each day at a time. We are also taking positives where we can. We are hugely inspired by the community spirit being shown by our neighbours and our friends and colleagues in the industry sharing knowledge, tips and advice for the greater good.

Some things are still unknown, but we do know that:

Our annual agricultural show will go ahead if it possibly can.

Our aim is for everything to go ahead as planned, but if it can’t, we will be looking at all and any options to support ourselves as best as we can.

We support and champion the vendors, contractors and volunteers that make the show happen and understand that careers and projects are in jeopardy. We are planning for all circumstances and thinking about all those who may be affected by any changes to our plans.

We are available to talk, advise, support and share.

If difficult decisions need to be made in the upcoming weeks and months and the show can’t take place as planned, we will offer full refunds to traders.

We are however still seeing cancellation as a last resort and are planning for our show to go ahead as planned in September.

We hope that our visitors continue to spread the word along with our ethos as it is more relevant now than ever before.

Thanks for your support from The Stokesley Show team.