Ferrets you say…. they are back for 2020!

Mar 16, 2020 | Show News

Simon Whitehead is back with his little furry friends!

Demonstrating the best virtues of ferrets and ferreting.

His displays are one of the most entertaining and popular you will see.

He has a fascinating ‘ferreting’ history and you can find out more on Simon’s website where his love of his ferrets and the vital work he does is an inspiring read. As his website continues to share:

The ferreter is the epitome of the organic and environmentally friendly hunter/gatherer and as such a supplier of first-class organic, free-range meat for the table. For decades Simon has been at the forefront of promoting wild rabbits as a nutritious and sustainable source of food and as such offers a butchery, preparation and cooking demonstrations at many events.

We look forward to welcoming Simon back to Stokesley Show, take a look at our Plan Your Visit page for further details of when and where.